Fresh Air “Slowly Coming Along” EP

January 6, 2012 at 2:00 pm

 I got to hang out with my man, Khalil, over the holidays and we reminisced on our days as Fresh Air, an independent hip hop group I joined around 2003.  Long story short, I ran into Khalil at an afterhours spot playing beats.  We exchanged cards, and that was that.  A few months later, I was DJ’ing at a spot and Fresh Air was scheduled to perform, but their DJ couldn’t make it.  I filled in and we rocked it.  Khalil hit me up a few days later to ask me to join the group, and the rest is history.  In 2006, we released our first EP, “Slowly Coming Along.”  It was fun and stressful at the same time.  There were days where I had no desire to go in to the studio to help Khalil with the mixdown, let alone go in and do my part, which were the scratches.  Then there were other days where we’d be all together and just vibin to our project, making plans to do shows and what not.  It was definitely a good time.  I hit up Khalil recently to suggest that we put up the EP for free download, and he agreed it was a good idea.  So here it is, folks.  Enjoy!