Chico Mann at It’s A School Night

October 11, 2011 at 3:17 am

Chico Mann at Bardot

I help Chris Douridas on his show every other Saturday at KCRW.  Chris hosts a weekly event called “It’s a School Night,” every Monday at Bardot on the second floor of Avalon in Hollywood.  When I saw that this week they were welcoming Chico Mann to the stage, I had to make an exception and go out on a Monday night.  He streamlined his live show to two people for this performance, and it made me think back to when I saw him get down in Fullerton with Ticklah, DJ Obah, and Vinia Mojica.  That was a legendary night, now that I think about it.

This performance was setup almost completely through Ableton, and the results were absolutely amazing.  One of the things that really stands out when using production software for live performances is the bass that stands out in comparison to a standard band’s drum kit.  The 808 was bumpin for Chico Mann’s performance tonight!  He definitely pushed the sound system in this small, 200 person room.  It was an afro-electric night of fresh dance music, and I’m glad I got to see it.